A. Chan Sugar Corporation
A. Landmark Corporation
A. Soriano Corporation
AC Enterprises
ACG Associated Capsules Phils., Inc.
ACW Distribution Phils.
Admiman Manning Corp.
Adriatico Consortium Inc.
American Prime Manpower Services, Inc.
Anflo Management & Investment Corp.
Allied Banking Corporation
Anson Group of Companies
Arcore Holdings & Management Corp.
ASB Realty Corp.
Asia Brewery, Inc.
Asiawide Land Specialist Development Corporation
Avocent, UK Ltd.
Baliuag Rural Bank, Inc.
Bank of Philippine Islands
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Bay Dredging, Inc.
Bettaform Pty. Ltd.
BF Jade E-Services Philippines, Inc.
Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute.
BF Corporation
Blaustift, Inc.
BMC Software Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Bob Garon Consultancy, Inc.
Brown & Burk Phils., Inc.
Burgundy Properties, Inc.
Casilayan Softwood Dev't. Corp.
Chevron Holdings, Inc.
Cityland Development Corporation
Cresc Incorporated
Cross-Link Electric & Const. Corp.
Del Monte Philippines, Inc.
Dester (HK), Ltd.
Dexterton Industrial Corp.
DM Wenceslao & Associates, Inc.
Don Benito's Food Corporation
Don Henrico's Pizza Foods. Corp.
Emperador Distillers, Inc.
Enchanted Kingdom, Inc
European Resources & Tech., Inc.
Fabricom Manufacturing Corp.
Fastbooks Educational Supply Inc.
Fenix International, Inc.
First Asia Realty & Development Corp.
First Shoshin Solutions, Inc.
Fly Ace Corporation
Foodparks by Raintree, Inc.
Fort Ilocandia Intellectual Group, Inc.
Geiser Maclang Marketing Comm., Inc.
Golden Values School Inc.
Good Century Philippines, Inc.
Grandspan Development Corp.
H & Shun International Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Hamada & W-F Resources Corp.
Horizon Broadcasting, Inc.
HSAI-Raintree, Inc.
Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.
IH Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Imperial Resources, Inc.
Indophil Oil Mills
Industrial Surface Finishing Corp.
Inovus Philippines Technology, Inc.
International Health Aide Diagnostics Services, Inc.
Integrated Computer Systems, Inc.
Intercontinental Development Corp.
International Copra Export Corp.
Isla LPG Corporation
Isla Petroleum & Gas Corporation
Island Logic Phils., Inc.
Jaka Distribution, Inc
Jaka Equities Corporation
Jaka Investments Corporation
Jaka Tagaytay Holdings Corp.
Jan de Nul, N.V.
JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
Jollytex Corp.
Keppel Philippines Properties, Inc.
Keywest Realty, Inc.
Kintaro International Manpower, Inc.
Krona International Service Systems, Inc.
Laxon Enterprises, Inc.
Lunar Steel Corporatio
Luys Securities Co. Inc.
Manulife Phils., Inc.
Macondray & Co., Inc.
Mark-I, Inc.
M.A.S Ventures Inc.
Megawide Construction Corporation
Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church
Micro Image International Corporation
Micro Pacific Technologies & Systems Corp.
Microphase Corporation
Mindanao Coolers Corporation
Nice Hotel
Nicoline Freight, Inc.
Nike Philippines, Inc.
ONC Logistics Specialist Corp.
One Opsis, Inc.
Orangeworld Corp.
Oriental Yuasa Battery Corporation
Pacific Royal Basic Foods, Inc.
Pan Malayan Management & Investment Corp.
Paramount Vinyl Products Corporation
Pasay Automall Car Exchange
Pearson Vue Phils., Inc.
Pepsi Cola Products Phils., Inc.
Pfizer Philippines, Inc.
Philippine Gaming Management Corporation
Philippine Merchant Marine School, Inc.
Philippine National Bank
Philippine Plaza Holdings, Inc.
Phil. President Lines, Inc.
Philtrust Company
Philville Development & Housing Corp.
Piedras Negras Construction & Dev't. Corp.
Piedras Negras Equipment Services Inc.
Piedras Negras Equipment Trading Inc.
Pilipinas Shell
Pioneer Insurance & Surety Corp.
PSMC Philippines Inc.
Puro Carne International, Inc.
R-1 Consortium, Inc.
R-II Builders Corporation
Raintree Management Partners, Inc.
Ramcar Inc.
RCBC Savings Bank
Reliable Electric Co., Inc.
Reliable Industries, Inc.
Representation Int'l. PTE, Ltd.
Republic of Nauru
Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corp.
Ricarcen Development Corp.
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Rural  Bank of Sta. Barbara
Rustan Commercial Corporation
San Miguel Corporation
Schipperen Properties, Inc.
Scotts Phils., Inc.
Sinosteel Philippines H.V. Mining Corporation
Sky Green Imports Inc.
SM Investments, Inc.
SMI Development Corporation
Smart Communications, Inc.
Solar Entertainment Corporation
Solutions Partner Incorporated
South Crest School Inc.
Southern Island Oil Mills, Inc.
Southern Phil. Power Corp.
Splendido Taal Golf Club Corporation
Steel Angles Shapes & Sections Manufacturers
Association of the Phils.
Sterling Paper Products, Ent.
Sterling Tobacco Corporation
Sterling Properties, Inc.
Subic Bay Development & Industrial Estate Corp.
Sulpicio Lines, Inc.
Sun Microsystem Phils., Inc.
Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co
Tagum Agricultural Development Co., Inc.
Tantoco Group of Companies
The Covenant Car Company, Inc.
UMC Core Holdings, Inc.
U-Net Distributors Corp.
Unbox Content Network Inc.
United Coconut Planters Bank
UMC Core Holdings, Inc.
Vernida IV Condominium Corporation
VHPA Corp.
Visual Mix, Inc.
Wakaii Construction
Western Mindanao Power Corp.
Widus International
Wine Warehouse Corp.
Wyeth Philippines, Inc.
Xybersolutions, Inc.
Yara Fertilizers Philippines, Inc.
Yearsley, Inc.